Dubai Fountain

Dubai Fountain: A splash of notes

As the world's largest performing fountain, the Dubai Fountain in Downtown Dubai has attracted over 47 million visitors since its launch in May 2009. The main control room of the Dubai Fountain is located on the top level of neighbouring Dubai Mall.
Executive chef of Taj Hotel, Joe Vock, says room service is too often an afterthought.

Room service is an 'afterthought'

Furthermore, Jean-Luc Morcellet, executive chef of The Palace – The Old Town hotel in Dubai warned “If you are too expensive the guests will go shopping. Or they will even order in takeaway.”

Bits and Bleeps: An Interview with composer Christopher Tin

The classical music market is just one example. Baba Yetu is also featured in the Dubai Fountain, a giant interactive display that gets millions of visitors every year. “It’s created a lot of exposure for the game.”

Fountains of Bellagio continue to amaze visitors

A crowd of people gathers at the Bellagio lake's edge, watching as a spherical puff of white fog rises above the surface, dissipating quickly in the afternoon sun. It's only a routine test, a small demonstration of the way fog is created during the Fountains of Bellagio show.
Souq Al Bahar

A souq with a view

On the perimeter of the souq are an assortment of restaurants on two levels, most with outdoor seating and a view of the Dubai Fountain. It’s an exciting atmosphere which benefits from the pedestrian access to the mall boardwalk and hotels.
The Dubai Fountain at Dowtown Dubai (SUPPLIED)

Grammy for Dubai Fountain song

The next time you watch The Dubai Fountain sway to the rhythm of “Baba Yetu” in rapt attention, make a mental note that you are listening to a Grammy Award winning song. Composer Christopher Tin’s Swahili song, which also sets the theme tempo for the videogame, “Civilization IV,” won the Grammy this year for Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalists.
Dubai Fountain

Disabled-friendly destination

"Although I can't hear the music played by the Dubai Fountain, I could feel the vibration of the water which put me in a different frame of mind, one full of happiness and hope," she said. "I have [seen] on TV the tallest building in Dubai, but nothing can describe the feeling when you [are] under the giant Burj Khalifa or when you see the whole of Dubai from the top," he added. "Dubai has many beautiful places and buildings, but Burj Khalifa was the one I wanted to see."
Dubai fountain

At the Top, Burj Khalifa to host New Year's Eve after-party

Described as ‘The Centre of Now,’ Downtown Dubai encompasses The Dubai Mall, one of the world’s largest shopping and entertainment destinations; several hotels; offices and homes. A stellar attraction within the community is The Dubai Fountain, the world’s tallest performing fountain.
Dubai fountain

World’s highest fireworks usher in New Year in UAE

The clock struck 12 in Dubai and the city’s iconic tower Burj Khalifa sparkled in the lustre of a thousand lights, fireworks and laser beams. 2011 was born. During the evening, specially set up LED screens relayed New Year celebrations from other parts of the world, and The Dubai Fountain performed its roster of musical performances, this time, with fire elements adding to the spectacle.

Dubai Mall / Burj Khalifa fountains

Video, 02. 10. 2010

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