The Dubai Fountain has many high pressure water jets and shooters to help create the spectacular show.

Oarsmen: Water robots that can pan and tilt any way making the water seem to dance.

These are different from the Bellagio’s Oarsmen because they are lower in the water. Also, the lamps move along with each specific shooter making the illumination effect brighter.

Shooters: Shoots water under pressure upward.
Super Shooters: Shoots water under even more pressure up to 240 ft (73.2 m) in the air.
Extreme Shooters (New Technology): Shoots water under the most pressure higher than 500 feet into the air.

The shooters (Shooters, Super Shooters, and Extreme Shooters) are the fountains that create the loud, percussive bang or boom noise after being ejected. This creates a sound of a drum used to further enhance the music. (Ex. In the end of most songs, the Extreme Shooters are used to create a last boom sound to end the music and show.)

The Super Shooters and Extreme Shooters are the fountains that are used the least during each show. Because it takes so much pressure and energy to be able to shoot water that high in the air, it takes much time to build up that pressure.

On 2nd January 2010 in a press release it was announced that height of Dubai fountains has been increased to 275 m (902.2 ft), with the addition of a new song “Inshed An Aldar” , the Dubai Fountain can reach a height of 275 m (902.2 ft) and is equipped with powerful nozzles capable of shooting water higher than a 50-storey building.